Tuesday, November 4, 2003

"Mr. Nice Guy"

Now, 'Mr. Nice Guy' New leader gives Malaysia milder image

International Herald Tribune
November 4, 2003
Jane Perlez
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Now 'Mr. Nice Guy' New leader gives Malaysia

Jane Perlez
International Herald Tribune
The new prime minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Badawi, a consummate diplomat abroad and well connected to the Islamic community at home, cuts an entirely different image than his volatile predecessor, Mahathir bin Mohamad. Abdullah is popularly known here as ''Mr. Nice Guy,'' an endearment that could hardly be conferred on Mahathir. But the new leader's basic policies are likely to provide a continuum for a prosperous nation that survived the Asian economic crisis better than most and is headed for nearly 5 percent growth this year, analysts said. Abdullah, 63, comes from a patrician family on Penang, the island that is the base for the ...