Monday, November 3, 2003

"Thank You, Tun Mahathir" (1)

With your permission, I would like to table the following motion at this sitting of the parliament session:

`That the Dewan Rakyat,

Accepts the fact that the Member of Parliament for Kubang Pasu, who was the fourth Prime Minister since 16th july 1981, and who has served with the fullest of dedication, firmness, efficacy, excellence and wisdom, has vacated the nation's top leadership;

Appreciates and holds in high regard the noble, enduring and invaluable struggle, sacrifice, deeds and service of the Member of Parliament for Kubang Pasu, carried out through pragmatic policies, strategies and programs, to ensure national unity and resilience, security and well being of the people, and prosperity and brilliant success of the nation;

Is mindful and conscious of the consistency, resolve and compassion of the Member of Parliament for Kubang Pasu in his struggle to uphold the dignity of Islam and The Ummah throughout the world, particularly in plural Malaysia, through the acquisition and mastery of knowledge in all fields;

Aprreciates and fully supports the wisdom of the Member of Parliament for Kubang Pasu in tackling the nation's economic crisis caused by international rogue financial speculators, through the execution of unique, effective and internationally acclaimed economic and financial strategies and management;

Recognises that vision 2020, inspired by the Member of Parliament for Kubang Pasu, is a national doctrine to build a Malaysian nation that is sovereign and independent, unified, happy, peaceful, prosperous, advanced, excellent, dignified and respected, in an era of globalisation and neo- colonialism;

Acknowledges that the great effort of the Member of Parliament for Kubang Pasu to develop information and communications technology (ICT) through the establishment of the multimedia super corridor, and to develop biotechnology through the creation of the bio-valley, will bring about tremendous benefits to the people of Malaysia, in the future;

Holds in the highest esteem the character, wisdom and courage of the Member of Parliament for Kubang Pasu, who has empowered and upheld the dignity of the people and nation of Malaysia, as well as of developing nations in the international arena, through multilateral initiatives across continents and throughout the world, as well as through expressing universal opinions, ideas and thinking in the fields of humanity, justice, equity, trade, science, technology, as well as the primacy and sanctity of international law, particularly at ASEAN, APEC, NAM, OIC and un;

Accordingly, the Dewan Rakyat sitting today on 3rd November 2003, 8th Ramadhan 1424, hereby resolves to;

Record the highest gratitude and appreciation from all Malaysians to the Member of Parliament for Kubang Pasu;

Pledge to continue the struggle to defend the sovereignty, independence and prosperity of the nation through policies, strategies and programs introduced and promoted by the Member of Parliament for Kubang Pasu;

Continue the effort to enhance the excellence of the Malaysian people in the future, through means founded upon the spirit of the federal constitution, the principles of the rukunegara as well as the main objectives of vision 2020.


Full text refer here.