Friday, February 25, 2005

PM Wants Ministries To Evaluate All Projects

Pak Lah-Project EvaluationPosted by Hello

The Prime Minister today took to task ministries that had lavish project launches but failed to follow up on the progress of the ventures. He urged all ministries to do away with the lavish spending, saying they had become a norm.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said too much attention was being paid to inviting VIPs to a fanciful launch, usually in a star-rated hotel.

"This is superficial. What matters is the end result of each development project, whether it is successful or not, whether it benefits the people or not. More often than not, there is no follow-up and evaluation after the launch. As a result, certain projects either fail to take off or do not achieve the desired results at all," Pak Lah said.

Stressing the importance of evaluation, Abdullah said "all ministries were required to evaluate each project to ensure that it had achieved its primary objectives and benefited the people. For example, we might have launched a school construction project but seldom we evaluate the project later to ascertain whether students had benefited from it through an improvement in their results. Likewise, we might know how to build government clinics. But there are instances when we do not have enough doctors to attend to the needs of patients. Even if we have enough doctors, we do not have enough equipment."