Monday, July 18, 2005

"People had not been fair towards my son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin by saying that Khairy had a lot of influence over me"

kHaIrY, my son-in-law

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Son-in-law Tale at the Kopitiam

Ah Beng: "Eh, I tell you eh, our Pak Lah says eh, that people had not been fair towards his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin by saying that Khairy had a lot of influence over him. He said Khairy, who was previously his deputy chief private secretary, was no different from other assistants."

Samy: "How can no different? He got many king-makers around him and surely, he will listen more to his son-in-law!"

Isa: “But he make the final decision himself".

AH Beng: "Of course he make the final announcement; oh, sorry, I mean, the final decision that he announced publicly after he has consulted his wife and daughter."

Samy: "Eh, do you all think his wife and daughter has any influence in his final announcement er?"

Isa: "Not final announcement; final decision."

Samy: "Oh, sorry; use wrong word - Malaysian standard of English lah. At least still better than the graduates who say 'I number three, father die already and mother not yet die."

Ah Beng: "But people said Khairy did this, or did that, and if there were no Khairy, nothing happen."

Isa: "Pak Lah say - No, no.”

Ah Beng: "What does that mean?"

Isa: "Pak Lah mean to say that Khairy stands out because he is his son-in-law. People say Pak Lah should not have picked my son-in-law. But Pak Lah argue that he is the one who make the decisions, not Khairy.”

Samy: "But son-in-law can influence papa-in-law."

Isa: "As far as influence was concerned, Pak Lah said every of his assistant had different levels of influence over him. Everyone who works for him has a chance to give their views.”

Ah Beng: "Does Khairy interfere with his Prime Minister's duty?"

Isa: "Pak Lah say: “Dia tidak bodoh untuk mengganggu kerja-kerja saya (He would not be so stupid as to interfere with my work).”

Samy: "Is Pak Lah affected by what people say about him and Khairy?"

Isa: “They are politicians and people say all sorts of things about politicians. If they don't want that, they should not become politicians.”

Ah Beng: "Wah, Pak Lah very good eh."

Samy: "At least he believe he is not influenced by his son-in-law; maybe a little bit influence by his daughter only."

Isa: "Ya lah, believe is very important. He love his daughter and wife and must listen a little lah. We also must believe him. But the other Isa is not so lucky."