Sunday, September 4, 2005

"New Bridge Go Ahead"

Partly Crooked & Partially Straight Bridge

NST today reported that Malaysia will build the bridge to replace its portion of the causeway under a plan that will allow Singapore to do likewise later.

Malaysia has decided not to wait for Singapore's decision, of which Johor is claiming that this delay is retarding their potential economic growth.

Is this a good idea? Or is this idea bull-dozed by some of Johor political masters to achieve an unfulfilled objective of yesteryear in the name of economic disaster potential? The decision seemed to suggest so.

Did Johor really need the half-bridge bow? If Singapore's side will not be expanding the bridge lanes over their portion, then, on completion, we would be having a large bottleneck situation which creates more traffic control problems and nuisances. Ultimately, we would have made a dragon with a snake body. Is that what we want? In the words of Murphy, would it be that "the solution to a problem will ultimately breed new and far potent problems?

It seemed that whenever a decision is made, our political masters do not seemed to possess rational thinking. They ignore the process of critical analysis and strategic analysis such as PESTE Analysis and SWOT. It is like thumping the chest and signing checks that the body may not be able to pay. This decision is definitely made to satisfy a coterie, of which some form of reward is flowing and passing below the surface of water. It seemed the oligarch is hard at work again.

Best of luck to asses!