Friday, January 20, 2006

"No, I don't Know and We'll Investigate"

Pak Lah Has Finally Spoken!: "No, I don't Know and We'll Investigate"

UPDATED: No. 2 said: submitting a memorandum to the Prime Minister calling for a review of laws that affect the rights of non-Muslims was "improper" and "not nice"...

A Sotinathan-like suspension for them probably?

Wow! After a deafening silence from him, this is what we heard from him as reported in Bernama not too long ago:

On the amendment of Article 12(1a):
Article 121 (1a) of the Federal Constitution governing the powers of the civil and syariah courts need not be amended, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Friday.

"Only laws that can create problems and misinterpretations should be studied whether they should be amended to make them clearer," he told reporters after launching a book entitled Antologi Puisi Sasterawan Negara A. Samad Said.

On the ECM Libra Bhd-Avenue Capital Resources Bhd (ACRB) proposed merger:
"I am not involved in it in any way with the deal that ECM has with ACRB. I didn't know about it"

On the Metramac Corporation case:
"The government will investigate if there is a report and the matter considered unlawful"

Very inspiring indeed, innit?

To quote Kit:
Many must wonder whether the two demonstrations today had a more powerful impact than the unread memorandum by the 10 non-Muslim Ministers.

May the force be with the people? You decide...