Tuesday, May 30, 2006

PM Confirms Meeting With Group Interested in Disneyland Projects

"Screw M's Crooked Bridge, I Have My Own Disneyland Malaysia!"

So you think The Medicine Man (TMM; not to be confused with the same initials as the predecessor) is a bit tad weak, eh? You're wrong! He has his own way-the Mickey Mouse way (pun not intended)!

Exactly a week ago, Taiko first whispered that TMM was in Japan to bring Disneyland to Malaysia. Then today, Bernama confirmed this news:

And it was also quickly picked up by Beebs:

Are you sure, Beebs? The 'new bridge' was called off already!

No mega-projects from TMM, eh? See who's the real Medicine Man in action!

Note aside, he spent too much time backpacking around the globe more than me that I lost track of where he is now. Could someone enlighten me on this?

Who needs a Disneyland, by the way? No need to search far; we already have our Bolehland Zoo- in the Rumah Barlimen!