Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pak Lah is going around the country to explain the 9MP.

I'm not sure how he would explain the fact that most of these projects are already under negotiation and finalization of award.

The publication and announcement proudly presents the news that these projects will be tendered out, as if, it is open-tender, which means anyone with the PKK licence can bid for it.

It's not true! Most are direct nego and it's not esoteric who are getting them.

The most interesting point is that Prime Minister Pak Lah said he will personally monitor and keep an eye on these projects.

What is he monitoring? Monitoring the award? Monitoring the project implementation? Monitoring the project execution and control? or Monitoring the profits?

Monitor what and how? He probably is competent in monitoring the award, i.e. award to whom, but I can't see he has any competence to monitor the project management processes and implementation effectiveness. All he will do is to assign projects to those anointed companies, those that had closely connected to the oligarch, and probably a spillover of some projects for those neighbouring lieutenants who had carried the right balls and who had shown loyalty in the recent guerilla war with the recalcitrant ex-pm.