Friday, October 27, 2006

"I Didn't Say Much, I Wanted Tun To Have His Say"

The 2 hour Dilemma of 2 PM

I always love Anita Mui's song:

"Why, why, tell me why..."

NST also copied the style today...

But the 3-whys did not portray the right questions that was posed by Mahathir, or even attempt to rebut them.

I find it extremely amused and interesting on one aspect:

Mahathir said:

I had to talk for 1 1/2 hour of the 2 hour dialogue.

All he did was to write down all what I said, that's all.

He gave me no answer to all the problems I posed."

Pak Lah respond:

He comes here to talk, so I let him talk lah.

He likes to talk, and if I intercept, it's bad manners.

I wanted to give him maximum opportunity to raise all the issues that was bothering him. Even when he said things untrue I held my tongue. My attitude from the start was to give him the chance to talk until the cow comes home (the bold is my own emphasis, absolutely mine).

We agreed to meet for 2 hours, and he uses 1 1/2 hour, so left only 1/2 hour for me, mana cukup to reply all his allegation?

He met me and said everything he want to say. I have to take time to respond. (I need time mah... a bit late but never too late)

Now, he blames me!

The mild mannered PM now resort to use insidious language. "...this time [he] attacked me with stronger doses of venom ...what to do?

Venom? wow, harsh, harsh, harsh! The toothless tiger now can bite...