Thursday, October 19, 2006


Klang's Istana Idaman: Pak Lah Says It's Unacceptable But...

First things first. Congrats and bravo to theSun for standing up against this blatant, farcical case.

Aww....I so admire him, he's finally our Justice Bao after all...awww...I'm so gonna vote for him at the next election. You are my hero!!!!


KEPALA BATAS: The action of the Port Klang Assemblyman who built his mansion without planning permission has roused the ire of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Acknowledging the people's anger with Datuk Zainal @ Zakaria Mat Deros, he said the Selangor government will act according to the relevant laws.

"From the people's perspective, this action is not acceptable as we are the ruling government and he holds a position representing the government," he said.

"Of course, the people will be unhappy about this. Even if he wanted to do (build his mansion), he should have obtained permission. When he went ahead to build without permission, of course people will be upset and angry about such incidents."

Zakaria, who was slated to be reappointed Klang Municipal Councillor, is building the four-storey mansion among low-cost houses in Pandamaran on land alienated to his wife. The swearing-in ceremony has since been postponed till after Hari Raya.

He also owed annual assessment for his existing house, which occupies two lots, for 12 years, amounting to RM5,433.60.

It is learnt that Zakaria paid up all assessment he and two Umno offices owed to the council. A council official said Zakaria's representative issued a cheque yesterday afternoon for RM46,118.60, reports Terence Fernandez.

Zakaria paid up following a warning by Klang Municipal Council president Abdul Bakir Zin that he should settle the arrears or face seizure of his property.

Asked about this earlier, Abdullah said Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo briefed him on Tuesday on actions that would be taken against Zakaria, who had also been informed.

"I leave it to him (Khir) to take the appropriate action against Zakaria according to the necessary laws," he said.

(On Wednesday, Khir said Zakaria could be fined only 10 times the submission fee of RM2,400 for not getting planning permission).

Asked if Umno would act against Zakaria since it was the party which appointed him to the council, the Umno president said the offences committed by Zakaria were not related to party matters, but were against local government laws.

Hold your guns, mate! Read on further:

Asked for his views on the report that three members of the same family (Zakaria, his son and his daughter-in-law) would be appointed to the MPK, Abdullah said: "This is usually left to the council and state government to decide. There is nothing wrong if all of them have the necessary qualifications to serve in the council.

"However, they must ensure that while serving, they must not be involved in decisions related to the family. Khir informed me that all three of them have the necessary criteria to serve."

In Putrajaya, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who chairs the cabinet committee on local government, said the government will review the practice of appointing family members to one local council. He said such a thing had never happened and the government would evaluate the situation.

"We will have to review this thing, of certain local councils having family members in it," he said after chairing the first cabinet committee meeting on investment.

On Wednesday, Khir had said there was nothing to prohibit law-breakers (as in failure to submit building plans) from becoming councillors and the political system allowed those who held party positions to be made councillors.

Zakaria's daughter in-law is slated to serve a second term and his son is to be appointed councillor.

So, what's the 'necessary requirements', one may ask. For all I know, it's all about whether you have the guns to play the CCN (corruption, cronyism, nepotism) game...

Kids, this is a fine example of 'pot NOT calling the kettle black'. If he has his 'family council' in the government, I don't see why not for these Little Napoleons!

Presenting....Malaysia's 'Justice Bao' and his happy family... [Source]