Thursday, December 21, 2006

PM dismisses yacht report

Cobra denied after 3 days

Finally, he has arranged his things and time, and ready to announce. Wong, Zubaidah, please go, go, go ...tell All!

As instructed, Wong Chun Wai and Zubaidah wish to inform everybody that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi acknowledged that he was in Turkey but "looking at a yacht had never entered his mind."

"I have never heard of a more ridiculous report. It is totally mengarut (Non-cent non-sense). Where did they get the information from," Abdullah was quoted to have said.

"I intend to ask Hurriyet to carry a correction," Abdullah said.

Rocky's Bru had something to say about it. Here.

In Rocky's opinion, "if Hurriyet had lied about the yacht and Abdullah, a correction and an apology will not be sufficient. IF it had lied about the PM, the Malaysian government should demand that the Turkish government deals severely with the newspaper. This matter involves the integrity of the PM!"

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