Monday, April 30, 2007

" A stitch in time saves nine, so it is important to carry out regular maintenance"

Putrajaya & Maintenance Contract

Entrepreneurial Development and Cooperative Minister Mohd Khaled Nordin said: "The standard of maintenance of Putrajaya buildings may have to be further enhanced.

According to Khaled Nordin government buildings in Putrajaya should be more sophisticated than elsewhere in the country and it is reasonable for JKR to re-look into the maintenance contract to see if all steps are taken to detect any defects or wear and tear in the building.

Does the government understand what is maintenance and what is maintenance management?

Maintenance of public buildings would have to deal with preservation and restoration of the facilities and infrastructures.

Maintenance management is basically concerned with the establishment of a framework for the maintenance of facilities, and it’s role is to set a standard of best practices on the management of building facilities, utilities and the upkeep of the building conditions.

It is a principle of conservation that work on a significant building should be based on a proper understanding of the building & its problems.

JKR and those responsible for maintenance management must have a Maintenance Management Framework (MMF) which consist of processes that assists them in establishing a framework for the maintenance of buildings. The primary objective of MMF is to achieve consistency in the planning, implementation & reporting of building maintenance and upkeep.

The establishment of condition standards for building is fundamental to the maintenance management process. It provides a statement of the desired condition to which assets should be maintained to enable a department’s service delivery requirements to be achieved effectively. The standards must be adequate to reflect the asset performance required to meet service delivery demand.

The application of condition standards to building involves a systematic process of reviewing all assets & nominating condition ratings that can be related to each element of each asset within the department’s asset portfolio.

Building condition standards must be articulated to the maintenance service provider & documented in procurement arrangements such as a SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA). Top level management must endorsed it. The standards will be used as referenced by the service provider within the day-to-day maintenance delivery process.

Dear Khaled and Samy Vellu, do you think JKR and Putrajaya maintenance department understand all this? Did they have the knowledge of maintenance management or are they supervisors of defects, ie wait till those plants, equipments and fittings fails or fails to work and then get the workers to repair them? This is repair management and it is damage control system, not maintenance management fundamentals.

Apart from this, do you all know how the government outsource their maintenance management and what was the criteria in the selection of contractors processes?

I once talk to a contractor who was awarded a contract for maintenance and he told me that he had sub-contracted it to another with a "nett" profit of 30%.

Dear Khaled and Samy, please go and check all your contractors and you will know almost all of them are "Ali-Babas" with 30% mark-up in their contract sum.

Paying a heavy price for lack of maintenance or the lack of a competent maintenance contractor?

The cost of maintaining Ijok is nothing!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

"Race card won't work"

Ya, in Ijok, race card won't work.
In Sabah and Sarawak, race card won't work.
In Kelantan and Trengganu, race card won't work (only religious card works)

But elsewhere, race card is the only card UMNO had to continue to exist and thrive. UMNO, MCA and MIC can only survive by playing up racial issues and projecting an absolute image based on race alone.

In Penang, UMNO is playing the race card so as to pressurized the BN government to rotate the chief minister post. UMNO Penang had been eyeing the CM post for decades without success. They had tried to drive a wedge between MCA and Gerakan and had even sub-divided their Malay-dominated seats into smaller fragment so as to built up their control of state representation. The Chinese majority seats have more than 10,000 voters but UMNO controlled state seats have only a few thousand voters.

Bukit Bintang parliamentary seat have more than 100,000 voters. Similarly, Kepong, Cheras, Jinjang, Petaling Jaya and Sungei Way too.

The speech above, wasn't it based on race card?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Stop the public binkering, PM tells Johari and cops"

Police vs Internal Security

The prime minister expressed his deepest concern and anxieties over the continuous bickering and blitzkrieg between the police and the internal security deputy minister.

"They should resolve the matter among themselves instead of making a public spectacle of it. This only aggravates the situation and makes the public lose confidence in the government ...," PM Pak Lah mourned.

The PM is visibly upset over his men for having the a shouting match in the public, reports NST (page 2, Prime News, NST, April 13, 2007).

Meanwhile, the police are standing firm by their crime figures.

At the same time, Deputy Internal Security Minister Johari Baharum is also not yielding.

Johari maintained that his crime figures are correct and he justified his statement claiming that he got the figures from the police.

The police claimed that the crime index had only increased by only, only, 10.1% and snatch thefts had dropped by 36.6%.

Johari had stated that the crime index had soared by 90% and snatch thefts had increase by 693.5%.

How could there be such a big gap? This question was posed by Kuala Lumpur Bar Council's criminal practice committee chairman, N. Sivananthan. Siva expressed the council's delight that the deputy minister was prepared to risks his job by going public to reveal the actual crime data.

Meanwhile, deputy IGP Mohd Najib has denied allegations that the figures were manipulated to confuse the public. "There is no cover-up, no manipulation and that there is nothing to hide."

It is observed that the figures was changed by the auditors. It would seemed that only the auditors could be able to give the public an explanation to the discrepancies and divergences.

Let's assume for the time being that the auditors figures are justifiable and correct. Afterall, they are certified and accredited auditors.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Keep up the momentum going, civil servants told

Civil Servants to be Blamed

Prime Minister Pak Lah said his government had created a strong economy and now it is up to the civil servants to ensure that it is sustained.

Pak Lah said even his critics admitted that they could see the change. This is what he had to pronounce:

"So far, we had done well and practised good stewardship of the government's fund. I (we) had spent where it was only needed and I (we) had reduced the budget deficit (created by Mahathir). Everyone is enjoying it as a result."

To Pak Lah, it is now up to the various agencies and the civil servants to allocate and disburse the funds as well as vetting the project. The people should not blame any failures or attribute any deficiencies to him or his ministry, the Ministry of Finance.

"The MoF is not the only one making decisions. We acknowledge the roles and responsibilities of other key agencies.

Why blame the civil servants?

Everybody knows that the civil servants had a boss who is the Minister himself, a politician from the ruling party whose decisions and attitudes are dictated and directed towards one direction - rent seeking and wealth enhancement for self and their family. Every JKR director-general knows that only, and only, Tan Sri Zaini can work so closely with Samy Vellu. Tan Sri Omar could not, Datuk Seri Wahid could not. I am not sure whether Datuk Razali, the current newly appointed D-G could or not. It is similar to other departments too. The political masters call the shot and issue directive on a personal basis regardless of efficiency and competency. The KPI for project awards are based on "what can that guy pay", not what is his competency. Other than this, it's connectivity and cronyism, pay-back to political supporters who had assisted those in the corridor of power.

"I don't think I can wait too long"

VW chief yet to turn up for Proton partnership talks

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said yesterday that he could not be “waiting forever” for the Volkswagen chairman to meet him to discuss the possible partnership with Proton.

He said he was informed that the Volkswagen chairman had wanted to meet him here, so he waited for a while to meet him.

“I have not seen him yet,” he said. “I don’t think I can wait too long.”

The Prime Minister, however, declined to say how long he was willing to wait for the Volkswagen chief. “I will not tell you when, you just wait.”

Abdullah recently said the Government was considering allowing the German carmaker gain a controlling stake in the national carmaker.

A March 31 deadline by the Government to decide on a strategic partner for Proton was not met.

On the proposal to get bloggers in the country to register with the authorities, Abdullah said this needed careful study to ensure such a ruling could be implemented.

He said the registration of bloggers was not a policy at the moment.

Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor recently said in Parliament that bloggers using locally hosted websites might be asked to register as one way to prevent the spread of negative or malicious content on the Internet.

Abdullah also said that he was aware that many people were unhappy with the activities of bloggers who spread “fairy tales”.

On whether there would be a new law to govern bloggers, he said that there were already laws in existence to deal with the spread of false information.

On another matter, Abdullah said the Government was waiting for feedback from Saudi Arabia on the difficulties faced by Malaysians in obtaining visas to perform their umrah.

A daily had reported that the Saudi move to tighten visa requirements had affected more than 1,000 Malaysians.

On the Japan Times report that implicated Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud in a scandal allegedly involving RM32mil in kickbacks paid by Japanese shipping companies for timber from Sarawak, Abdullah said he was not aware of such a matter.

Prime minister Pak Lah was pretty upset.

He had to wait for hours in order to meet Volkswagen chairman who had wanted to meet him. The wagen chaorman did not turn up.

The PM was extremely upset and said: "I don't think I can wait too long."

The PM was asked by reporters how long would he wait for Wagen to respond. PM declined to say how long: "I will not tell you when, you just wait."

That means he is willing to wait.