Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Keep up the momentum going, civil servants told

Civil Servants to be Blamed

Prime Minister Pak Lah said his government had created a strong economy and now it is up to the civil servants to ensure that it is sustained.

Pak Lah said even his critics admitted that they could see the change. This is what he had to pronounce:

"So far, we had done well and practised good stewardship of the government's fund. I (we) had spent where it was only needed and I (we) had reduced the budget deficit (created by Mahathir). Everyone is enjoying it as a result."

To Pak Lah, it is now up to the various agencies and the civil servants to allocate and disburse the funds as well as vetting the project. The people should not blame any failures or attribute any deficiencies to him or his ministry, the Ministry of Finance.

"The MoF is not the only one making decisions. We acknowledge the roles and responsibilities of other key agencies.

Why blame the civil servants?

Everybody knows that the civil servants had a boss who is the Minister himself, a politician from the ruling party whose decisions and attitudes are dictated and directed towards one direction - rent seeking and wealth enhancement for self and their family. Every JKR director-general knows that only, and only, Tan Sri Zaini can work so closely with Samy Vellu. Tan Sri Omar could not, Datuk Seri Wahid could not. I am not sure whether Datuk Razali, the current newly appointed D-G could or not. It is similar to other departments too. The political masters call the shot and issue directive on a personal basis regardless of efficiency and competency. The KPI for project awards are based on "what can that guy pay", not what is his competency. Other than this, it's connectivity and cronyism, pay-back to political supporters who had assisted those in the corridor of power.