Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Stop the public binkering, PM tells Johari and cops"

Police vs Internal Security

The prime minister expressed his deepest concern and anxieties over the continuous bickering and blitzkrieg between the police and the internal security deputy minister.

"They should resolve the matter among themselves instead of making a public spectacle of it. This only aggravates the situation and makes the public lose confidence in the government ...," PM Pak Lah mourned.

The PM is visibly upset over his men for having the a shouting match in the public, reports NST (page 2, Prime News, NST, April 13, 2007).

Meanwhile, the police are standing firm by their crime figures.

At the same time, Deputy Internal Security Minister Johari Baharum is also not yielding.

Johari maintained that his crime figures are correct and he justified his statement claiming that he got the figures from the police.

The police claimed that the crime index had only increased by only, only, 10.1% and snatch thefts had dropped by 36.6%.

Johari had stated that the crime index had soared by 90% and snatch thefts had increase by 693.5%.

How could there be such a big gap? This question was posed by Kuala Lumpur Bar Council's criminal practice committee chairman, N. Sivananthan. Siva expressed the council's delight that the deputy minister was prepared to risks his job by going public to reveal the actual crime data.

Meanwhile, deputy IGP Mohd Najib has denied allegations that the figures were manipulated to confuse the public. "There is no cover-up, no manipulation and that there is nothing to hide."

It is observed that the figures was changed by the auditors. It would seemed that only the auditors could be able to give the public an explanation to the discrepancies and divergences.

Let's assume for the time being that the auditors figures are justifiable and correct. Afterall, they are certified and accredited auditors.