Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Build strong case against corruption"

"Wah, OXFORD Group Interviewed Abdullah and He Stated His Stand On Corruption, I'm Sooo Gonna Vote For 'Justice Bao'"

"Wahhh....OXFORD group interviewed him har, so kengchau/terrer! Talk about corruption summore. Like Justice Bao lar, I'm so gonna vote for him...."

That's what most of you might think after reading this Bernama news. You might even see this on your favourite MSM front pages tomorrow.

Sounds familiar? Yeah, you've heard him saying the same thing sometime ago.

And here's the (not FOC) report if you're interested:

Notice the affiliation of the report with the logos on the right?

Let's just read a snippet from the report:

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s priority for 2007 is the implementation of the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP). His government aims to invest RM200bn ($52.6bn) to push the country’s average annual economic growth to 6%. Abdullah, who was elected in October 2003, has abandoned what some see as the grandiose projects of the previous administration in favour of concentrating on human resources and agriculture, which his administration views as more sustainable in the long term. Along with the ruling Barisan Nasional, a coalition of 14 political parties, he is adopting a global outlook and has publicly pledged to reduce red tape for businesses operating in the country. The section includes interviews with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi; Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak; and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Syed Hamid Albar. Bridget Welsh, Assistant Professor, South-east Asia Studies, Johns Hopkins University contributes a viewpoint, as does US Congressman Gregory W Meeks

Er, is SJER not grandiose?

Just a simple Google search revealed what sort of that 'kengchau Oxford group' is all about:


You remember the TV3 interview 'berani kerana benar/tulis surat' thingy?

9. Are you ready to open your door to those with such proofs to come and see you and give information?

A: Write a letter to me, and make a copy to others such as the police, the Anti-Corruption Agency or the related agencies. Show me the proof. I want an explanation on how he knows this happened. If these are lies, they are trying to hina (insult) me and the Government. How can they do that?

Well, here's a surat:

Not a surat layang: It has name attached to it.

Action by 'Justice Bao'? Neh, it's been rejected.

"Building Bridges Interfaith Conference Postponed, Not Canceled"

'Building Bridges' Malaysia Conference: Cancelled or Postponed?

NaSTy said 'cancelled'


Back in May, Bernama said 'postponed'


Friday, June 15, 2007

Beyond 2020

Hail Najib! But wait a minute...

It's only the beginning and more to come...

Prime Minister Pak Lah had also outlined a new Vision for the nation - Mission 2057!

Mahathir is too short-sighted; he only has a 30-years programme. Pak Lah has a 50-years programme...

Pak Lah envisaged that Malaysia will be high-achieving nation by 2057. We are preparing for it. In fact, we are discussing to buy over VW; we will be looking at buying up the top-Dow Jones companies. Khazanah will have that vision and mission to fulfill..it will be soon, very soon. We already have one of the world biggest Palm-Oil plantation groupings in Synergy-Drive, we have Petronas, one of the world's leading petroleum company and Scomi, one of the world's future gigantic corporation, who may even consider acquiring the American or European biggies. That's Vision 2057.

According to Pak Lah, soon, and very soon, though we don't know how soon, but it will be sooooon, Malaysia will become a top-north nation with top-notch offering to top-notch people. The nation will be able to retain and become top-notch. Though the American said we are top-notch in human trafficking and corruption, but we are still top-notch, irrespective. Top-notch means top-notch as long as we are top-notch.

Hail Pak Lah! Hail Najib! Hail ...????

"The Bill had been sent to Parliament and hoped it would be passed in the next sitting"

The PM Doesn't Know A Parliament Bill Has Been Passed, So The Pathetic MSM Has To Spin It

According to Bernama, the official news agency of Malaysia:



The prime minister said the government had drafted a Bill on human trafficking that would impose severe penalties on the perpetrators of the crime.

He said the Bill had been sent to Parliament and hoped it would be passed in the next sitting of the Dewan Rakyat.

Visibly upset over the report, Abdullah said: "I am not sure about the report...I do not intend to make any other statement, all I am saying is that we have sent a bill to parliament.

"We will do whatever we can to curb human trafficking and that is why we decided to have that bill," said Abdullah, who is also Internal Security Minister.

Now, see how the pathetic Star spins it:



KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has shown its seriousness in tackling human trafficking, as seen in the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Bill that was passed in Parliament last month, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

I’ve read the report. We did whatever we could, but it was not enough. (Blogger's note: If you have 'read the report', why are you still 'not sure about the report'?)

According to the Opposition leader:

Secondly, Abdullah shocked Malaysians with his response to the United States Government listing of Malaysia among the human trafficking offenders, saying that the government had drafted a Bill on human trafficking that would impose severe penalties on the perpetrators of the crime and that he hoped that the Bill would be passed in the forthcoming meeting of Parliament beginning on Monday.

In actual fact, the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Bill was passed by the Dewan Rakyat on May 9, and among the MPs who took part in the debate were DAP MPs Dr. Tan Seng Giaw (Kepong), M. Kulasegeran (Ipoh Barat), Fong Po Kuan (Batu Gajah) and Teresa Kok (Seputeh). The Bill was passed by the Senate on May 24.

How could the Prime Minister be so misinformed as to make a faux pax as to publicly state that the Bill has yet to be sent to Parliament for passage?

Although the Prime Minister’s mistake was corrected by the mainstream media in the newspapers today, the error had been carried worldwide by international news wires yesterday and reported by the media in foreign countries.

Bloody pathetic spinning.

Also, read how Mergawati Zulfakar attempts to defend the denial syndrome with her column 'No need to get worked up over US report' on page N25 today (link still unavailable on the Views page despite half of the day gone). In the last paragraph, she also attempted to spin this faux-pax:

Malaysia has adequate laws to deal with the problem, including the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Bill, tabled in April and passed by Parliament in May, which severely punishes those convicted for human trafficking.

For a more balanced opinion from the MSM on this matter, you would rather head over to theSun.

Last but not least, here is a cartoon by Zunar of Cartoonkini for those not quite initiated by MSM spins:


Oh, it seems that he is going honeymooning (again) to Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy starting next Monday.

Monday, June 11, 2007

"Can you speed it up?!"

(Re)Marriage Makes Him Stronger?

Bigger, bolder and ...oh, nvm. I'm not talking about that thing.

I'm talking about his most convincing phrase I saw on TV today:

"Can you speed it up?!"

I could easily give him a 60% approval rating for that. (The other 40% is for the question why bureaucrats (especially those dead wood) still would not commit harakiris and resign).

And was that his second surprise visit after the landmark takeover visit on 1st September to the Customs Department?

But would that make people forgive his Perth misgivings?

Even Malaysiakini, a strong critic of him, gave rave reviews to him via 'a political analyst'.

Baru 10 minit turun padang main bola? Time will tell?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

"All the dates mentioned were wrong...that's why I said it was just a rumour."

Did He Lied When He Denied?

He denied the public statement made... that statement was construed as Rumours.

But now he said it was the timing that was wrong when he denied.

So, the statement wasn't rumours, it was factual and real, except the timing was not right for him to announced it to the public. Timing does no concern about the truth, for the truth was the truth.

Then, was she with him in Perth then? Did they had secret affair all these years? If yes, then, would it be in accordance with Hadhari doctrine?