Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Build strong case against corruption"

"Wah, OXFORD Group Interviewed Abdullah and He Stated His Stand On Corruption, I'm Sooo Gonna Vote For 'Justice Bao'"

"Wahhh....OXFORD group interviewed him har, so kengchau/terrer! Talk about corruption summore. Like Justice Bao lar, I'm so gonna vote for him...."

That's what most of you might think after reading this Bernama news. You might even see this on your favourite MSM front pages tomorrow.

Sounds familiar? Yeah, you've heard him saying the same thing sometime ago.

And here's the (not FOC) report if you're interested:

Notice the affiliation of the report with the logos on the right?

Let's just read a snippet from the report:

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s priority for 2007 is the implementation of the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP). His government aims to invest RM200bn ($52.6bn) to push the country’s average annual economic growth to 6%. Abdullah, who was elected in October 2003, has abandoned what some see as the grandiose projects of the previous administration in favour of concentrating on human resources and agriculture, which his administration views as more sustainable in the long term. Along with the ruling Barisan Nasional, a coalition of 14 political parties, he is adopting a global outlook and has publicly pledged to reduce red tape for businesses operating in the country. The section includes interviews with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi; Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak; and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Syed Hamid Albar. Bridget Welsh, Assistant Professor, South-east Asia Studies, Johns Hopkins University contributes a viewpoint, as does US Congressman Gregory W Meeks

Er, is SJER not grandiose?

Just a simple Google search revealed what sort of that 'kengchau Oxford group' is all about:


You remember the TV3 interview 'berani kerana benar/tulis surat' thingy?

9. Are you ready to open your door to those with such proofs to come and see you and give information?

A: Write a letter to me, and make a copy to others such as the police, the Anti-Corruption Agency or the related agencies. Show me the proof. I want an explanation on how he knows this happened. If these are lies, they are trying to hina (insult) me and the Government. How can they do that?

Well, here's a surat:

Not a surat layang: It has name attached to it.

Action by 'Justice Bao'? Neh, it's been rejected.