Monday, June 11, 2007

"Can you speed it up?!"

(Re)Marriage Makes Him Stronger?

Bigger, bolder and ...oh, nvm. I'm not talking about that thing.

I'm talking about his most convincing phrase I saw on TV today:

"Can you speed it up?!"

I could easily give him a 60% approval rating for that. (The other 40% is for the question why bureaucrats (especially those dead wood) still would not commit harakiris and resign).

And was that his second surprise visit after the landmark takeover visit on 1st September to the Customs Department?

But would that make people forgive his Perth misgivings?

Even Malaysiakini, a strong critic of him, gave rave reviews to him via 'a political analyst'.

Baru 10 minit turun padang main bola? Time will tell?