Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"We have to be fair so as to ensure harmony"

Unfortunately, idealism remains illusory. Instead, the obtuse crescendos gets convoluted and are constructed as objectivity threats on national security and a disruption of racial harmony. However, this view is not applied homogeneously and uniformly; exceptions are granted if it's from the oligarchy.

It seems eminent that the only possible effective tool is to use the Internal Security Act (ISA) to handle the situation. Prime Minister Abdullah said using the [ISA] law, which allows for detention without trial, would be "preventive" action to spare the country untoward incidents that could affect its peace and national security. “The ISA is there, if the situation warrants it, it will be used,” PM said.

The interesting and puzzling point made is from the prime minister himself.

On calls by certain quarters for the ISA to be invoked against illegal street demonstrators, Abdullah said: “I am very surprised that people want the ISA. I thought they never wanted it.”

Who were those who calls for the ISA to be invoked? Again, it must be those within the oligarchy. So, what's right is only from the coterie group.

PM Abdullah said the Government must be fair to all. “If we focus on the interest of one group, others will be jealous, others will complain,” PM said. It sounds coquettish. If the government truly wanted to be fair, then the NEP must be extended to all the poor, irrespective of race, religion or creed. Zakaria, a railway gatekeeper can afford to built palaces and further acquiring more state lands to enlarge the palace while the ordinary Malays are struggling to earn sufficiently to pay for the daily groceries and home expenses. Kuala Dimensi and the Faizal groupings were allowed to gain billions from the PKFZ deal from a land belonging to Koperasi Nelayan who received pittance in exchange. Khairy at 28, is said to be a billionaire while still being jobless and without a salaried vocation. Scomi has grown from a condom salesman business to a conglomerate that include an oil and gas and monorail and train fabricator. Gerbang Perdana was given $292.4 million compensation for driving one pile... many, many more!!!