Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"I won't disappoint the people"

Pak Lah: Give me one more chance

Pak Lah makes another call to the people to give him one more chance.

PM:" Support me and I won't disappoint you"

He said he now has a greater sense of responsibility to strive even harder to ensure prosperity, harmony and development without leaving out any group.

"I feel I have to have greater determination, have to work harder. I will not disappoint the people."

“I do not want to disappoint you. If I have to work hard, I will work hard for you and the future of the country,” Abdullah told 5,000 people at a dinner in Puchong Indah.

“I value the relationship among Malaysians. I value the multi-ethnicity in the country. This is what gives hope for the future of the country,” he said.

He said Barisan Nasional subscribed to solidarity, cooperation, consultation and consensus. This you can see factually when Samy Vellu appeal on behalf of the 31 accused for attempted murder. You also can observed when he meets up with 13 Indian Organizations.

So, should we not give him another chance?

We gave him that chance in 2004 when he asked for a BIG MANDATE, and he was delivered 92% of the parliamentary seats.

Unfortunately, that also means the people would have no opposing voices and votes in parliament as the legislative body bulldozed all and every piece of legislation without consulting the people. But they claims they had, for they consulted those who had no ears and no hearts except hands that were used to carry balls and curry favors.

4 years; 4 years had passed. Now we have no more rights to assembly peacefully to highlight our plights, to tell the government that we are not happy about certain aspects of the rules and actions. We also cannot celebrate International Human Rights day. We also cannot asked for a fair and just election. We have water cannons and tear gas as our companion and heartfelt warm. We also have the ISA to protect us.

4 years, and he wants another 4 years. In the last 4 years, we had Close-One-Eye which was closed with no-eye-see. We have Istana Zakariah of which scores of orphans get a chance to sleep in a giant exquisite bed, for once in their lifetime. We had IPCMC which was baptized to become SCC. We had organized crimes of which the officer who arrest the suspect was now charged for wrongful use of helicopter and the suspect was freed by the Deputy Home Minister on advice by AG. We had no more news on APs because there is strategic alliances which they call win-win. We had so many high profile corruption cases that were closed on advice by AG. Most of all, we had so many murdered cases of which the accused all were freed without their defence being called for the reasons of failure to adduce either the actus reus or the mens rea required. We had, had, had, had, ... just so many (please help me, readers!!!)

Now, we have another promise, a far greater promise than before; promises of:

A greater sense of irresponsibility, strive even harder to ensure prosperity, harmony and development projects for ...we know who;

That he value relationship and harmony by way of suppressing demonstrations because there's this thing called Silent Majority, a group of Damais who tried to represent 27 million citizens;

That he value justice and the rule of law, by selecting a favored-man from within a oligarch system to head an explicit impartial justice system that is supposed to dispense natural justice without fear or favor, without connectivity to bizio-political patrons, without the need for honorifics; and the Lingham video which highlight the extremely good and cordial relationship between lobbied-justice and business;

That we also have ministers who calls us monkeys, Gobloks, and who spend most of their time in parliament debating AirAsia stewardess dresses, leaking once a month, red beans that shits red, “Like wanita putus haid" (MP for Jerai Badruddin Amiruldin) , “Its unusual for women’s issues to be touched by men” (Mohamed Aziz, the MP for Sri Gading), “Boleh masuk sikit?” (Bung Mokhtar the MP for Kinabatangan), “Asked a fellow parliamentarian if he knows how long Fong Po Kuan’s marriage would last” (Jerai Badruddin), dilapidated parliament is like an old woman who had lost her beauty (Samy Vellu), "Come fight outside" (Sothinathan to Fong Po Kuan at parliament session), and the kicking match at Kelantan State Assembly.

That his son did not get any government projects which so happens to get by accidental management;

That his son-in-law still haven't found a vocation but can afford to buy millions of shares with monies from good friend Kali and driving a 4WD brand new and calling chief ministers to meet him which was denied;

That he accidentally sleep on the wrong bed and woke up ... and remarried;

That he went for holiday in Perth and accidentally and coincidentally there was a great flood in the months of Nov and Dec which was unknown unknowns;

That he ... he deserves another term because he has far greater dreams for us.

I believed and think he deserve it. I think so!!!