Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"I'm willing to sacrifice public freedoms for the sake of national stability"

Dear PM, Where is your Big Ears?

Dear PM,

I do agree that national stability is of utmost importance and that public freedom would have to be sacrificed when necessary, but only if the national security is at stake.

But national security is not self security, nor security to ensure that you stay in power by sacrificing the people of the nation. At such, when you dwell on national security, it must be the security of the nation as a whole, that is, the nation is threatened by external forces bend on destroying the social fabric and cause turmoil, insecurity and the destruction of peace.

However, the lawyers walk for freedom did not at any instance threatened the national security. They were responsible people and had carried out their walk in a peaceful manner, to commemorate the International Human Right's Day. By contrast, when Khairy led a group of people to the American Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, they were shouting and behaving mischievously. Yet, you did grant them the permission to act like hooligans. That event in fact can be construed as a threat to national security; yet nothing, nor any legal action was taken against them. is it because he is your son-in-law?

Dear PM, please do not take our freedom for granted. Please do not take our rights for granted. You said you have big ears and you did hear us; but so far, it seems you have little ears and are only listening to the few that surrounds you.

You are suppose to be the leader of a nation, not a leader in your family, nor a leader to you kitchen cabinet.

So, please Mr PM, get out of your cocoon and start observing the peoples' plight and frustrations before they decide to vote you out.