Sunday, December 16, 2007

"ISA action based on wishes of silent majority"

ISA was majority wishes

Prime Minister Pak Lah said the ISA and all the measures taken against demonstrators are Actions based on wishes of Silent Majority.

So, we must now understand why the police sprayed chemical water and water canons on the demonstrators because it's the wish Silent Majority.

NSTP and TheStar had in fact revealed that Silent Majority.

Damai Malaysia, an umbrella body comprising 395 non-governmental organizations representing nearly 1.5 million members, was named by the two newspapers as the group representing Silent Majority.

Damai went to the Sg Besi airport and was allowed into the military base compound to hand over a memorandum to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. These group of people never need to apply for police permit to assemble; they were even welcome to the military base to submit the memorandum. They are not considered as illegal by the police and Attorney-general. And they are the Silent Majority. The memorandum criticised recent illegal street demonstrations, which Damai said had caused problems and created tension among Malaysia's multiracial population.

So, if anyone wants to blame, don't blame Pak Lah. He is a prime minister that acted in accordance with the Silent Majority. But the Silent Majority's memo was delivered only recently on 13th Dec and the actions against demonstrators and the ISA arrest was made much earlier than the memo? Oh, because the PM can predict and forecast, that the Silent Majority would protest against street demonstration and had wanted the ISA used on those who are considered subversive.

In fact, about 1,000 UMNO division leaders and members were disappointed with the government of Pak Lah for being "Too Slow" in using the ISA to detain people suspected of subversion.

According to sources who attended a closed door briefing for some 1,000 Umno division leaders and members at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, party members had voiced their disappointment that the government didn't arrest the demonstrators immediately after their illegal rallies last month.

"Some even used harsh words against the leadership for being too lenient with street demonstrators. They don't want the government to tolerate troublemakers and militants," said a source. (lawyers are now classified as militants and troublemakers??? Bersih can also be classified as troublemakers and militants??? Hindraf is a militant???)

After the briefing, Umno Information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, one of the party leaders who briefed the party members, admitted that some members were angry with what they perceived as the government's "slow response" to the problem.

"There were some members who asked why action was slow in coming. It took some time for the decision to be taken because the prime minister (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) did not want to be hasty in making the decision."

He said the decision to detain the troublemakers under the ISA was only invoked after the government received strong feedback from the public. Sources confirmed that the mood of those 1,000 participants here yesterday was in favour of the detention without trial for the troublemakers.

"It was the will of the people (to invoke the ISA), and not the will of the leaders," Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said.

Do you hear? UMNO was in favour of detention without trial for the "classified Troublemakers"? And it was the will of the people to invoke the ISA and not the will of the leaders? Do you all hear it clearly?

In fact, the Prime Minister was soft and sympathetic to those Hindraf supporters and demonstrators, particularly those who were arrested at Batu cave and charged for Attempted Murder.

The Prime Minister in fact called on the Attorney-General to consider the pleas by the parents of the 31 Hindraf supporters for their charges of attempted murder to be dropped. Prime Minister said the parents' appeal should be considered as soon as possible.

"The Attorney-General told me that the supporters said they had been misled by the promises made by Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) and that they rejected Hindraf's activities. I feel sorry for them because they were misled," Abdullah said yesterday.

Speaking to the press after chairing the Umno supreme council meeting, Abdullah said: "I have therefore told the Attorney-General to consider their representations as quickly as possible."

Thirty-one Hindraf supporters were charged in the Shah Alam Sessions Court on Dec 5 with attempted murder of police officer Dedi Abd Rani during the demonstration on Nov 25.

Parents of the 31 protesters then met with MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and requested his help to secure their release.

Observing all the above news spinned by NST, we can conclude that we had a reasonable government, who would not simply arrest illegal assembly if the assembly are deemed "reasonable" (example: Damai Malaysia's illegal assembly at Sg Besi & Khairy and UMNO Youth assembly at the American Embassy at Jalan Ampang). The govt would only act if they consider the demonstrators to be subversive and a threat to public safety; for as long as the govt did not deemed it at such, you can assemble and protest against all others, such as, American Embassy, protest against DAP and PKR or Hindraf, protest in support of government action even though some may think it was wrongful acts or corruptive acts, cronyism or nepotism. In fact, the government warns that they are prepared to take the "necessary actions" using the ISA as requested by the Silent Majority and the 1,000 UMNO leaders; and the govt will heed UMNO petition not to be "Too Slow" to arrest.

Lets be partners of those mold, the Oligarchy; the Zakism, Musasm, Kharism, Taibism, Zamism, Nazism, harlotism (this harlotism is coined from zorro's doctrine)