Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Fast-track steps to fight crime"

Malaysiakini also made this observation.

The 5 steps are:

- hiring of contract police personnel who are retiring or have retired;
(What? No offense to senior citizens, but you want them, or rather do you trust them to snatch thieves?)

- installing more closed-circuit television cameras in buildings and public places;
(Like what Rocky said, one of Nurin's killer was captured on CCTV. But not only did they had to send to FBI to get a clearer image of the culprit, but in the end they didn't even succeed in catching the culprit!)

- setting up more police stations in shophouses and housing estates;
(Remember the Johor towns where they were supposedly equiped with more police stations and personnel? The last thing I heard, some FHM (F*cker; Dirty and Horny) was captured on CCTV instead!)

- appointing civilians to administrative positions and thereby releasing police personnel for their main duties;
(Yeah, tak payah kerja! Now everyone can be a police personnel(TM))

- fast-tracking recruitment.
(Kuat bodek =faster promotion?)

What a joke!

You want votes issit? Then just dissolve the f**king Parliament and declare an election already! Not call your SIL to 'not to speculate'!