Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"They must repent and be brave enough to return Sharlinie."

Pak Lah's Plea to Criminals

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made a plea to the person who kidnap Sharlinie urging him to free the child.

"Those who did this are cruel. I hope those responsible will realize how angry the public is," Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told reporters yesterday at the Family Day for staff of the Prime Minister's Office at Seri Perdana, his official residence.

"They must repent and be brave enough to return Sharlinie."

We Malaysians are glad that the Prime Minister had come out in the open to call on the criminals to repent and be brave. Kidnapping is not our culture, and the kidnappers must uphold his integrity and the rule of natural justice. All Malaysian criminals must be brave and courageous. They must go to the police station to surrender themselves and not wait for the police to hunt them down. We do not have enough police personnels to do such work and it is very tough job to hunt them down. So if the criminals will cooperate with the police, it will make our nation more peaceful and we will then be able to reduce the crime rates.

For those criminals who are prepared to accept our Prime Minister's advice, the police may be willing to consider treating them better when they are in lockup and the public prosecutor may even consider to charged them for a slightly (very very slight) lesser crime and may even ask the judge to be lenient towards them. That way, it's win-win and the criminals may even be bestowed some titles, like Datut, Pingat Jasa Berani, Pingat Jasa Rakyat, or Pingat Jasa Barisan Rempit.

It was a great and brave call from the Prime Minister. No PM in the past had dared to plead to the criminals asking them to be brave and courageous in repenting and self-surrender. This shows how brave our PM is. This shows how effective Barisan Nasional solve the rising crime problems. Now, criminals can come forward and surrender themselves and this save the police and the nation a lot of time and expenses.

UMNO Putera Chairman Datuk Azeez had assembled a large group of Mat Rempit to relieve the police of the search effort. The response from the Mat Rempit was great. So, if you hear motorcycles racing around town and cities, do not fear as they are doing a great service for the nation. They are speedily searching for the little girl and they had to do it quick and fast; so they must speed and run around town in all directions, in desperation, to prove they are putting in their best efforts without being paid.

Pak Lah also expressed his concern about similar cases involving young children. He advised parents to keep a close watch on their children.

"Parents must take care of their children. Don't let them go out alone in the evenings. There's no need to ask them to go alone to the shops to buy things.

"If they must go, get an older sibling to accompany them or the parents themselves should go with them.

"Parents should hold their children's hands. Don't let them wander off alone. If not, all sorts of things can happen."

So, parents, please hold your child's hand. Don't let them go out. Don't let them meet kidnappers, rapists and murderers. Teach them how to recognize those criminals. If you don't know how, asked the PM and the police; they are the experts.