Sunday, January 20, 2008

"We'll eradicate poverty regardless of races"

A Sunday Gathering to Parade The Emperor's New Clothes...

Look at theSun's frontpage:

[theSun's frontpage Jan 21st 2008]

Deemed to be the not-your-average and only-hope-left MSM, theSun didn't even bother to mention the crowd number of the gathering and put a mocking 'bend over like a frog' (if you want a poverty cabinet panel and a holiday) picture instead.

Look at the naked emperor and the innocent and naive cheerers...

Notice the lackluster hands up in the air when the emperor is parading his new clothes?

And on this yet another panel...

To quote a witness at the gathering, Nanda, over at The People's Parliament:

Pak Lah said we have managed to improve the status of poverty but there are still hardcore poverty among all the races. ‘Kita bukan negara maju lagi, kita masih sedang membangun, kita belum maju.’ ‘Satu janji kerajaan BN adalah kita mesti menghapuskan kemiskinan tegar di kalangan semua rakyat tanpa mengira bangsa menjelang 2010.’ Pak Lah pledged, ‘Saya akan tubuhkan satu parti, satu jabatan dalam kabinet saya untuk menghapuskan kemiskinan tegar.’

Wasn't that the NEP was supposed to be, to 'eradicate poverty regardless of race and to abolish the recognisation of work by race'? Look what happened now?

Like what Lulu said, I too wonder if the naked emperor ever thinks about the day when he's no longer the emperor, and how will he live with it when he finds himself naked.