Monday, February 18, 2008

"First Class Grapes and First Class Apples"

From Doc Mave:

Of Sour Grapes and Green Apples

Malaysian Prime Minister said yesterday that it is not fair to compare Malaysia with Singapore.


"It is like comparing "First-class Grapes" with "First-class Apple".

"We are a population of over 20 million and we rank 8th in the world in terms of our competitiveness."

"I am not telling you lies. This statistic is from an international survey."

"Everywhere I go, the business community tells me that Malaysia is doing very well. These people are smart. You cannot fool them because they are well-read."

"Please trust us - we are your government."

""Nobody is happy to see prices rising but this is out of our control."

"The private sector is dominated by the Chinese and I want to say a big 'thank you' to the community for creating so many job opportunities." [unquote]

Grapes and Apple? We are grapes, they are apple?

I think it's more of Rats and Lions.

This is the year of the Rat; so using the analogy of Rat is more appropriate.

I always thought a bigger population will create a greater mass and greater domestic consumption which can fuel the economy. This is why the USA economy had thrived; largely on greater domestic consumption. But America's economy thrived on innovation and creativity, and attracting foreign investments to the tune of trillions of dollars, due to the laissez-faire doctrine. Malaysia thrived on Crony-Capitalism and Kautimism. Singapore had no natural resources except human capitals, and they thrived on trade and financial services. Most of all, Singapore invested their national funds in the global economy, buying good companies and generating billions of profit from these investments. This, we had failed, and failed miserably.

Grapes? Ya, sour grapes! The apple remains green...