Sunday, February 3, 2008

"This is extremely biadap"

Biadap? What so biadap?

This is extremely biadap, PM Pak Lah said in reference to the picture carried by the NST yesterday which shows 5 members of Bersih tearing up the picture of Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, the Election Commission chairman.

Is tearing a newspaper an act of biadap? What is so insulting?

I use to see people using newspaper to clean their backside. I do tear newspaper. People do use newspaper to do all kinds of things.

I often saw that guy who shouted "Surat Khabar Lama" carrying newspaper with pictures of our prime minister, deputy PM, international leaders, and all others, and put it inside the truck like garbage.

Is corruption not biadap? Is buying or "given" a Cobra Yacht not biadap? Is buying an A319 Airbus using public's money for personal use not biadap? What about the failure to uphold a Gentleman Agreement? What about the affirmation that "my son did not get any projects from the government"? What about Kubang Pasu divisional election vote-buying as claim by Mahathir? What about Perth trip? What about ECM-Libra scandal? So what's biadap?

Isn't it insulting to take away our freedom of expression and freedom to voice dissent? Isn't it far more insolent of the newspapers who often lied and plagiarized other's and treat the citizens as fools?