Friday, March 14, 2008

Yet Another Abdullah Badawi's 'Orchestrated' Interview on RTM1*, TV3, ntv7, 8TV 9.30 p.m. Later

His last words: 'I will address and give attention to our weaknesses, unfairness, and the delay in implementing projects. Secondly, I will ensure the country will be safe again. I will also develop the country. I will not run away from responsibilities. Even though we lost 2/3 majority, but we still have a large majority to implement the blablabla." Oh Mein Got!

Those who missed the pre-recorded 1/2 hour interview, you're in luck. It is nothing new.


*As usual, RTM1 is the last to air the pre-recorded interview, almost 20 minutes after Media Prima stations aired it.


MCA, Gerakan and MIC's failure? "Your business," he said! He really doesn't know how to answer a question!


Oh Mein Got! He is still harping on the dinosaur-age slogan 'Selamat. Aman. Makmur'!


The interview must be recorded quite long ago. He said that the Federal mega-projects in Barisan Rakyat-controlled states will still be carried out despite Penang UMNO's threat to pull all the projects out.


All the Media Prima stations are airing the pre-recorded interview now. The power of the 4th floor boys.

Achtung! This is your leader speaking!

"My Son and SIL Never Get Government Projects" again?

Or "Mukhriz gets more projects than Khairy; he has no position to ask me to resign"?

All will be revealed on 9.30 p.m. later.

More quotes will be available on this blog later!